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What is health coaching?

There is a lot of buzz about health coaching. What is it, what does it accomplish, and most of all, who does it? Health coaching, in it's simplest meaning, is providing an individual with the skills and tools to make permanent and lasting lifestyle changes in order to improve physical health, mental health and overall wellbeing. Health coaching can be provided by anyone who holds the proper credentials. These people are often experts in human behavior and trained in behavior modification. Think of it as your personal cheerleader and partner throughout the process. A health coach will work to motivate and inspire change while helping you to stay on task and provide accountability when needed. We have all heard of personal trainers, well, health coaches are the personal trainers for our health. If you are interested in health coaching and would like to see just what you are capable of, book an appointment now! I would love this to be the first step in your journey for change!

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